Yowindow Review

Yowindow Review

YoWindow is a weather app that enables you to view real time weather conditions of any location. You can check weather for various locations in a simple way. It is a user friendly tool that can be operated easily with handy options. It was launched in 2009 for the first time as a free tool. After that various versions have been released with additional features. You can set the software as default screen saver to get updated information about specified places. It offers support for multiple platforms such as Windows 10 PCs, Android devices, iPads and iPhones. It also supports many languages from different countries.

Weather Information:
YoWindow allows you to choose any country or city whose weather details are required. It displays current temperature and average range of daily temperature with specified unit. The speed of wind, Air pressure and Humidity level are also displayed on the screen. The software automatically refreshes the content regularly and lets you refresh it manually too. You can also check the details for any specific day or time. The Live option depicts the visualizations based on current situations of your hometown.

It contains various options through which you can customize appearance and performance of software. General settings deal with language, notifications and updates. The sound can be enabled for screen savers. You can modify unit system and choose units for temperature, wind speed, pressure, pressure level, distance and rain or snow rates. Locations are concerned with type of landscapes including village, town, Americana, seaside, airport, Pagoda, valley and sky. You can add or remove new locations and manage distinguishing properties.

The View section assists in customizing the user interface. You can turn on multiple factors such as display, daylight diagram, inspector, forecast panel and full screen button. You can choose the number of days for forecasts and weather parameters. You can decide if the screensaver should be turned off with mouse movement and select the information that needs to be shown in screensaver. Advanced settings are for those who are aware of weather changes in depth. Here they can choose color of icon in system tray, select modes for current weather or forecasts and view directions that affect winds.

While viewing the graphical representation of weather, you may feel the urge of sharing it with your friends online. Whether you want to share current weather view or specific day and date depiction, you can achieve these targets via Broadcast option in YoWindow. The broadcasting can be performed for Facebook and Twitter by logging into your verified account. Along with the scenery, the weather report can be published too that comprises of location name, date, day and temperature.

YoWindow is a weather application that is a great source of staying aware with weather situations. It enables you to get thorough information about any place of the world and the collected facts are accurate. It is a fascinating tool possessing a unique interface. You can also set it as screen saver for your system. A wide range of settings can be customized to get required results.

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