Ways To Protect Your Laptop

Ways To Protect Your Laptop

When I thought to write an article about how to protect your pc, I thought at the protection of the computer and not of the data stored inside a computer. You have to take into consideration that if you use your laptop in populated places, such as cafés or bars, when you go to the toilet, your laptop may disappear. And if it is not taken by one of your friends, it means that you have lost your hardware and also the information stored in the computer. Now I think to another thing that is very important, which is the backup of the data, but this is another discussion and I don’t want to speak about this topic right now.

If you are the kind of person that takes the laptop with him in cafés, you should not store financial information in it, nor important software programs, to which you are the only one that has access. You should avoid storing bank account numbers, back statements, personal identification numbers of your credit or debit cards, information about your stocks and mutual funds, information about the taxes and fees that you have paid during time, not even your Social Security number.

Even if you have the information stored in the Cloud, if the passwords and the username are stored in the computer that was stolen, then you can say goodbye to those pieces of information as well, just as you do in the case of your computer. If the computer is your personal computer, you will not have to pay anything to the company where you work, but if the computer belongs to that company and you failed to take care of it properly, most likely you will be considered responsible for what happened.

I have to tell you from the start that the chances of finding your computer, if this was stolen, are pretty low. In order to protect the computer you can use a bag that is not so obvious, that does not attract the attention of the others; nevertheless, if you go with your laptop to a café, the people that are in the café will notice you carry a laptop. Avoids going to toilet when you are in a restaurant and you have the laptop with you. If you must go, then take the laptop with you. Do not store important information in your computer! Personally, I would avoids the populated places and I would use the computer only in my house or at my office.