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How To Use Google Analytics Dashboard

How To Use Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard is not developed by the same persons who developed Google Analytics software programs. This is a plugin which can be accessed on your WordPress site directly. It connects your Analytics page with your site, so that you don’t have to enter the Analytics page to see the stats. You can do this from your own Dashboard when you are on your site.

The data will be brought to you by this plugin which must be uploaded into the Plugins category and then activated. I won’t give you the steps for the activation of the plugin, because I have presented them before in other articles and it does not involve a phylosphy too complicated; you have to press the Activate button and then the plugin starts to do its job.

If you have administrator rights and you have more people who write on your site, you can give them as well, the right of seeing the stats in the Dashboard, just like you see them or you can customize this option, so thatb they will see less information. The tracking code for Google Analytics is not presented by this plugin, but by another one, which is also present on WordPress, namely Google Analytics for WordPress. Carson McDonald is the developer of this plugin. You can read more about him on the WordPress.org site.

In order to use this plugin with PHP scripts, you have to have SimpleXML support for the PHP files. To embed Google Analytics data, you have to do exactly as you are told on the plugin’s page. One of the commands you have to write is the next one: [stattype: option, option, …]. The currently displayed data refer to the number of pageviews. You can read more about the plugin on ioncannon.net, the Projects section.