Passware Password Recovery Kit 2019.1.1

Passware Kit 2019 is the software that was developed for recovery of your passwords especially for MS Office and to recover network connections and also your login password. There are three paid versions of this software available: Basic, Standard and Professional. Each of these has different specifications, but the users can also download its Demo version for free. The demo version comes with cer...

What is cyber security

Cyber security is something everyone needs to be concerned with. It seems that a day does not go by without news of a data breach. There have been many horrific cyber attacks that have made the headlines in recent news. Some of the biggest data breaches of the 21st century include those to Yahoo, eBay, Ashley Madison, Anthem, JP Morgan Chase, Equinox, Home Depot, Uber, and Target. And, this merely...

Password Depot 11.0.6

Password Depot 2018 is a software to manage all your passwords, credit card data, TANs, documents and other software licenses, regardless of the software you are using. The software stores all your sign-in details in an encrypted file. The user can access all these details using a master password. The main advantage of using this software is that it can be moved from one system to another.

GiliSoft USB Lock 6.5.0

Gilisoft USB Lock helps you keep data safe by blocking device ports. In order to authorize data transfer, the portable device holders have to enter the correct password. It is an easy to use tool that can be configured with ease. It ensures that only the verified devices can be connected to PC and web or program access is limited too.

Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Tracks Eraser is a powerful solution essential for enhanced online experience. It efficiently protects your browsing activities from unauthorized parties and cleans your PC from current privacy problems. It is a free tool that can be used with multiple browsers on Windows OS. However, you can also purchase its Pro version to avail advanced features. It possesses very friendly outlook and per...