Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch

Every year a new phone is launched. Promises of better technology and more features. Of course, you want to have the latest phone. However, transferring all your information can become a chore. It has solved this problem.

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

This is a free app that will help you transfer your files from your old phone to your new phone or Desktop.

How does it work?

Depending on the phone you want to transfer the information from. You have a few options.

On the newer generation of smart phones, there is a Samsung Smart Switch app already in the phone. You can find it in the Samsung folder or in the settings. Scroll down to the cloud and account settings. There you will find the smart switch app.

If this is not an option on your phone. You can also go to Google play store and search for the Samsung Smart Switch there.

Basically, it works by transferring your information from one phone to another and from phone to desktop.

How can you transfer information on it?

Once you have opened the app you are given three options that you can use to transfer the information by.

Firstly, using the USB cable. You insert this cable on the new phone that you wish to transfer the information to. This cable comes in the packaging of the newer phones.

You need to have android 4.3 or higher to do this type of transfer. If, you are using iOS, it must be iOS 5 or higher. When you use a blackberry. It must be a Blackberry 7 or higher. There are instructions on this option to follow for using any phone type. From Nokia to LG, etc.

To transfer your file from the old to the new phone. Make sure you select the transfer file in the USB settings.

A few things to remember here are; have a fully charged phone and the USB cable is plugged into the new phone and not the old one.

If, you are not using Android, make sure you have already downloaded the app on the old phone before commencing with the above.

The second option is the wireless transfer. You do not need any cables or tools for this transfer. Make sure that you have selected send on the old phone and receive on the phone you are transferring the information to.

Once you have clicked receive on your new phone a drop-down menu will give you a selection of different device types. If, your old phone is an apple phone. You can also select the information from iCloud.

It gets a tad bit more complicated for transferring from a Blackberry. You will have to download Samsung Smart Switch on to the Blackberry and then you must connect with a password and network. This information will be shown on the new phone. Following that, click connect and the information will be transferred.

Lastly, the external storage option. Using a micro SD card, you can back up all your information. Anything from contacts, messages, photos and many more. If, you are going to use an SD card that has been used before. You need to make sure you have enough storage space. Otherwise, the backup will not complete.

While you are following the instructions above. Your SD card must be in your old phone. Once the backup is complete. Remove card and insert it into the new phone. From here on, you can restore the backup on to the new phone.

Ultimately, the purpose of storing the information on the SD card is only to transfer. Once the transfer is complete. You can free up that space by deleting it from the SD card.

You can enhance the security of the transferred information and protect the files with a password.

Another way you can use Samsung Smart Switch is by backing your information on your desktop and transfer all the files from your phone to your PC /Mac.

Tips for using it

· Make sure you download the app on your devices before starting.

· Pull your old Sim card out of the new phone before you start the transfer. You can insert it after the transfer has been completed.

· You can transfer your iTunes music as well.

Benefits of using it

· You have a simple way to transfer information.

· It is a save way to transfer all your files at once.

· You can use any phone or device to do the transfer.

· It is relatively fast to transfer.

· It is free to download and use.

· The application is user-friendly.

· You have multiple options of transferring the information.

· The only required tool/ equipment is your phone and the USB cable which, is included in the packaging of newer cell phones.

· You can do the transfer anywhere where you have a flat surface.

· It saves you time of doing it manually.

What to do if it is not working?

First, check that you are not trying to transfer from the iOS 9.0. In that case, then you will have to use your PC to do the transfer. For that, you will need the Samsung Smart Switch for PC app and follow the instructions.

If, you are having troubles with connecting to iCloud. Check your connection, it might not be strong enough.

Double check your Apple ID and password.

If, all else fails and you are at your wits end. Give Samsung Smart Switch a call at 1-855-795-0509. A technician should be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

This might seem straight forward. However, you might have not thought about it. Make sure that your device is Samsung Smart Switch App compatible. Whether it is for PC/ Mac or mobile device. To do this, visit the Samsung Smart Switch website. There you will find all the Smart switch mobile app model names. Likewise, for the PC/Mac.

If, you are having troubles because of space. Maybe the files are larger than you have storage space available. Now, you have a few choices here. You can deselect some files that are less important. Or, you can delete some files from your old phone before you make the transfer.


It is a great development whichever way you look at it. Technology is about making life easier and convenient. They have nailed it with the Samsung Smart Switch. You will never have to think twice about how to transfer your existing files on your current phone should a wonderful and smarter phone launch in the future.

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