How To Prevent The Mobile Phone Radiation

How To Prevent The Mobile Phone Radiation

In case you did not know, the cell phones affect the brain and not in a positive way, as we might like to consider. No, they affect the brain negatively by the electromagnetic radiation, which alter the brain activity. It is unknown in which way the brain is affected. All that we know for now is that this does not remain without counter effects on a long term. The people started to use mobile phones 20 years ago or so. The effects are still unknown, since no man was taken and made a person which can be used for tests.

There is an article on (The Christian Science Monitor), which tells us more about this subject. If you spend 50 minutes talking on the phone, your brain activity in the part where the mobile phone was used will increase. You may see that your ear becomes hot and even reddish, because the phone generates electromagnetic energy which comes in touch with your skin, thus with your body and your brain. You have to put the phone next to your ear to be able to hear the sounds of the conversation. And your ear is next to your brain, so the effect will not be only on the ear, but on the entire brain eventually. The connections made by the left or the right side of the brain are with the entire brain and with all the members of your body, with your hands, feet, eyes, skin, hair, you name it, anything that belongs to your body.

The brain activity will be changed in the part which is closest to the antenna of the phone. Of course, the best thing to prevent this kind of radiation would be to not use the phone. I have heard that the phone emits radiations even if it is placed on the table, without talking to it or without using it. Only when it is online and in the network, the phone could issue a sort of form of radiation. Bombs can be activated by using phones that are simply online in the network or carrier. You don’t have to pick up the phone or to talk to be able to activate the signal which makes the bomb to detonate. You simply have to have a mobile phone. These are some facts that I have seen on TV a few time ago.

The scientists at the National Institutes of Health said that there is no link between the mobile phones and the brain cancer. Can you imagine how this would sound in the world of mobile devices? This could be the end of them and the world would risk of using them, even though they could have cancer on tehir brains. Anyway, it is a good signal that the phones do not increase anything else than the glucose methabolism in the area affected by the phone’s antenna. In fact, there is no link between the cell phones and the cancer, aby form of cancer. There are more than 5 billion mobile phones in use right now and they have been used increasingly more and more in the last 10 years.