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How To Manage Browsing History On Chrome For Mobile

If you prefer to do your mobile web browsing by using Chrome, in this “how to” guide we’ll discuss about how you can manage your browsing history. This will work on both versions of the application so you can try it on your iOS or Android-running device. We have to warn you though that the mobile version of Chrome will only work on Android devices that have at least the version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) of Google’s operating system.

Just like almost all of today’s mobile and desktop web browser, with Chrome the user has the possibility of deleting the browsing history from the app’s settings. Another thing that you can do is to have a look at your browsing history but this cannot be done from the menu. In order to view your browsing history in the mobile version of Chrome you have to tap on the address bar and then enter “chrome:history”. We should mention that doing this will also work on the desktop version of Chrome.

After you do this, the browsing history is going to appear on the screen and the most recent history will be the one located at the top. If you perform a tap on that drop-down icon which is located to the right of each of the items in the browsing history will give you the possibility of removing that item from the history or you are able to have a look at more history related to that certain website.

The user is also able to remove more items at the same time from the browsing history by tapping at the left of the items and after that hitting on Remove selected items. Also available is the Clear all browsing data option which will erase the entire browsing history.

Those of you that simply want to clear the browsing history without having a look at it first can do things a bit simpler. If you are using the iOS version of Chrome you have to access Menu > Settings and after that hit on Clear browsing data. Now, you have to select which types of data you would like to clear and then hit Clear. For those that use Chrome on an Android device, access Menu > Settings > Advanced > Piracy, and then perform a tap on Clear browsing data. Now you will be given a list of all the data types that you can delete. The user has to check the boxes located to each of the items and then perform a tap on the Clear button in order to delete the browsing data.