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Light Image Resizer is a recommended tool for image processing. It was formerly known as VSO Image Resizer and was acquired by ObviousIdea Company in 2011. The software is capable of performing different operations on images including resize, move, compress and share. You can also use it for applying effects to improve image quality. With the help of this tool you can optimize images so they will occupy less memory space and will not cause extra burden on system resources. It offers support for many image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, NEF, DNG, PDF, TGA, ICO and many more.

Image Processing:
Light Image Resizer enables you to adjust images for different screen sizes. The resolution can be chosen for desktop, mobile phone, DVD, Email, PDF or Ultra HD. You can also specify custom size if needed. The mode can be chosen from fit, stretch, center and crop to implement target resolution. You can save images at particular destinations after they are resized, copied or compressed. Pictures can be shared directly to Facebook. Advanced settings let you choose settings for quality, mask and colors. You can apply attractive filters, add watermark, rotate, copy metadata and can choose optimization scheme.

Bulk Image Selection:
The most prominent feature of the software is that it can edit multiple files at a time. Either a single or whole folder can be selected for editing. If you want to perform similar operations on multiple files then they should be opened together, else it is advised to work in individual mode. This feature is especially helpful when you want to create collage of many image files. You can check preview of all selected files in built-in image viewer to verify chosen options.

Through its settings, you can decide how the software should operate. General settings let you choose profile, subfolders, window position and its size. Checkbox can be clicked to allow automatic downloading of updates. Under processing tab, you can enable preview, backup creation, multithread processing, color replacement and post processing tasks. With Advanced tab, you can import or export profile, enable quick processing for certain types of files and can specify maximum image size. It is a multilingual tool; hence any language can be chosen which is supported.

Light Image Resizer is a fast tool that can process images very quickly. It generates efficient results and acts on the basis of user requirements. Whether you want to save memory space, move images to portable devices, send via Emails or want to publish them on social networking websites, it will help you accordingly. It can convert pictures to PDF format so these can be used in documents. Watermark insertion assists you in enforcing your copyrights.

Image Resizer is a powerful tool whose major purpose is to optimize images. Images can be resized, copied and edited in order to make them suitable for different screen resolutions without damaging the quality. Its powerful features can be used by both newbies and professional users due to friendly interface and proper guidelines present with each function.



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