How To Know Everything About Apple

How To Know Everything About Apple

What would you say if you would be able to find any information about your preferred company, Apple? And this, without visiting the site. With the site you will stay updated to the newest information about the Apple products.

But not only related to Apple. For example, the first article that comes in front of your eyes when you access the site is related to the Web browser named Opera. It is an article written in the same day as my article as well (August 1, 2011) and it refers to the fact that this site has few users. Other popular posts refer to the Lion system created for the Apple devices, there is a poll that ask you what is the first Mac OS that you have used at the beginning, another article presents some favorite applications that work on the Apple devices, what is Producteev for Mac and many more.

This site has several tabs, that I would mention now: Home, Reviews, Roundups, How-To, Quick Look, General and About. For example, if you click on the second tab, you will find information about communication, games, lifestyle, music, office, productivity, typography, utilities, graphics, Internet, hardware, security, synchronization, web developers and video. If you move to the Roundups category, you will find information about things. The How-To category is the one that I love at most. Here you can find information about the Apple Script, about games, productivity, Internet, OS X, virtualization and more. This site has more than 51000 readers. If you would like to be connected to the Apple world, make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter on this site.

In the articles to come, I will present some other sites that are related to Apple and to other giant companies. Just make sure to visit us again or to subscribe to our RSS feed as well, in order to stay updated with all the news about technology that are released day after day.