How To Install An Antiglare Film On A Laptop

You can install an antiglare film on a laptop, on a desktop, on your smartphone, on everything, which bothers your eyes with a too shiny brightness of the colors.

In my previous article, I told you where you should look for when you want to buy a component like this and in this new article I will give you a few hints on how you can install the antiglare on a computer.

First of all, the antiglare could come in a cut form or it could come as a rolling cylinder, which needs to be unrolled gently, in order to make it available for cutting. This is a difficult job, because the antiglare is sticky, once you start unrolling it. And it also has a big form, bigger than the size of the computer screen. You have more chances of cutting the antiglare right, if you bought a large antiglare and you only need it for your laptop and for your iPhone.

My recommendation is to get an antiglare created especially for the kind of computer or electronic device you own. Ok, once you get the antiglare from the store or when you receive it at your door, you have to open the envelope, because in most of the cases, it comes in an envelope and with the help of a ruler you will eliminate the gaps that fill with air in the moment when you roll the antiglare on the screen. If you have a laptop, it is easier, because you can position the screen of the device horizontally and you can use the ruler. The computer has to be cleaned by any impurity you could find on its screen and also plugged off from the wall power source. You can remove the battery, if you want, but this is not necessary.

The antiglare protective screen is set on the screen only once. When you take it off, the antiglare will not be able to stick once again on the screen. There are still some antiglare films, which can be set on the screen, but the more you use the antiglare, the more this will become unusable. If you set an antiglare, take it off after three weeks to clean the screen, put it back on and so on, you will soon realise that you will have to buy another and another. If you really want to protect your eyes, you can buy a pair of glasses which will protect your eyes from eye strain.

The new films don’t use glue to stick to the screen, but they use other substances that make the film to set perfectly on the screen. When you clean the display, after removing an old film and before installing another one, you must not use benzene or ammonia to clean the screen. Use a cloth with a solution made of three parts of water and one part dishwashing detergent. The cloth should take a small part of this solution, but it must not be sunk in it. Just moisten the cloth into the liquid and clean gently the surface of the screen.