Improve Your Brain With The Help Of Your Computer

I bet you haven’t had any idea until now that your computer can be transformed into your best friend and not simply because it allows you to play the games that you want, but because it can be also a very good source of resources that improve your brain activity.

I have read on the Internet that simply by changing the way you use your hands on your computer is going to improve your brain. It is considered that if you use mostly your right hand, you use the left hemisphere of your brain. If you use the left hand, you use mostly the right hemisphere of your brain, which makes you a sort of an artist. The people that use mostly there right hand are considered to be good mathematicians, although there is a very large percent of the people that use their right hands, not because they felt the need to use their right hand, but because they were taught to do this. I for example, felt the need to use my both hands and I can say that I was pretty good at it, when I was 5 or 6. That was the time when I was not going to school yet, because when I started to attend school, both my professors and my parents taught me that you shouldn’t use your left hand, because all the normal people use their right hand.

So, because I have listened to them, I forgot to use my left hand properly. This means that also my right cerebral hemisphere is not functioning properly, because nowadays, when I try to do something with my left hand, sometimes I feel that it is not even my hand. The accuracy of my movement with my left hand is not good at all. So what I recommend to you is to start using your left hand today or your right hand, if your parents taught you the contrary that taught me, and in this way you will force your lazy hemisphere to start working.

Also, when you do something after the computer, for example start a software program, download a music track, set a new screensaver, get amazed by a picture of your friends on Facebook and others, try to remember everything that you have done at your computer and if possible, their order. It will be hard at first, but this is a real exercise that can be done and the people that work very much on computers can do this on a daily basis.