How To Use TextWrangler

extWrangler is a software program created by Bare Bones Software, that allows the user to compare duplicate files. In your computer, you may have stored different files, which have different, but hidden extensions, which have the same name. Logically, you cannot save a file with a .doc extension which has the same name as another .doc file, which was saved before this one.

According to the article I read on eHow, TextWrangler is a powerful application, being considered at the same time a text editor, which presents diverse functionalities. Not only that it compares different files that it finds in the computer, but it also analyzes the content and see if the files are really different. Perhaps, you have stored the same file in more locations and you don’t remember. Or perhaps, one file is the original and the other ones that can be found are in fact copies, but this is not mentioned.

When you want to find the different files, you have to open the application and go directly yo “Find Differences”. Now is the time for a dialog box to appear. Navigate to see the files that you have and click Open on one file and the Open on the second one. Click Compare. The software will open in fact three windows. The left and the right windows will present the original files that the program finds in your computer, which may have different extensions, of are in fact one and the same file. The window that is present in the middle is the window which will show the differences.

Other programs that can be used for this task, when we speak of Windows computers is Notepad ++, and we speak of Linux computers is Emacs. You will be directed to a page where you can see what this software really is. It is not only a tool for those who use text editors, but also for programmers, because it allows them to insert codes and to write programs. It is also good to be used as a server administration tool. The link I provided it also gives you the possibility of downloading the program. You have the Download button on the right of the screen. If you did not know, you have to find out now: this software is available only for those who have Mac computers. You must have Mac OS 10.5 or later and also the Universal application installed on the computer. Because these requirements are specified on the manufacturer’s site, which is the most trustful site, I recommend you not to try to download the software if you have a Windows computer, because it will not work. The only program that will work on Windows, which was mentioned in this article, is Notepad ++.