How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Who does not use keyboard shortcuts? First time when I heard about them, which was a long time ago, I thought that this might be a new thing, invented by the smart guts from Microsoft, but I was not aware that I used these shortcuts a long time ago even before knowing that these moves are named like this.

In the article I read on PCWorld today, it is said that those who use keyboard shortcuts work more effectively than the others who don’t. Some of the most popular shortcuts are Ctrl-A, which selects all the words written in a page, Ctrl-V, which attaches the text or the information copied previously with Ctrl-Z, which is Cut, to another page. The information will be written exactly like the one that was copied, only that the name of the file will be different, because there is not allowed to have two pages that are named in the same way. Can you imagine the chaos when you have a lot of files named 1.doc, 2.doc and so on? If you already have more than 100 or 1000 files stored on your computer, you can say that you have a chaos already, without the need of naming some of the files with the same name and the same extension.

There are keyboard shortcuts which work only in speciffic contexts, for example, in a page where there is no information, you don’t have what to copy, so you press Ctrl-C in vain, because nothing will be selected, nor highlightened. In order to work more effectively, first you have to memorise the shortcuts and then to know when they are suitable to be used. This will help you with your work and the good results won’t let themselves expected too much. You can find the Microsoft keyboard shortcuts, if you enter the Microsoft site, the Keyboard Shortcuts section.