How To Use A PDF File

There are numberless situations in which you have to work with PDF files, but if you don’t have the right program to open the file, you cannot view it, so what can we say about editing it? You have no ability to edit the file, unless you use a PDF software, like Adobe Reader, which allows you to edit the files and to share them with the persons you want.

If you are a professional, you are used to the PDF documents, because they are always present in your life. Most of the files that are scanned end up being a PDF document, so if you don’t have a program that is able to decipher the text, you won’t see the actual text. The article I read on eHow about this subject recommends the users should use the Nitro PDF Professional software. As I can recall, I wrote something about this software. I know that you can download it from here. Or if you can’t find it there, you have to go to the site of the manufacturer and get the program from there.

Download it and install it in your computer. After installation, click Open and search for the document that you want to open with that program, obviously a PDF document. If you want to edit it, click Insert and Edit. Select Insert and then Text, if you want to edit the text. This is the most common command you can give while using PDF files. You won’t be modifying other parts of the file too much. So, click that you want to modify the text found in the PDF file and then go to the area in which you want to insert more words, or on the contrary, you want to delete some. To edit the text, right click on the portion that you want to modify. You can do this immediately after clicking the right button of the mouse. You will see a drop-down list, from which you should select the Edit Text option. The text is added into the file like in any word-processing editor.

You can write the text in Word and then paste it into the text editor while you use this Nitro software. Just make sure you have made all the steps as I mentioned them before. You can also add charts to your PDF document, if you click on the buttons that are present at the top of the PDF document, when the document is opened with this software. Besides charts, you can add pictures and other elements that it seems that only this software allows you to add. Click the Save as button when you have finished with all your modifications and save the document like any other document that you save while using Windows systems.

In the end, you have to know that this software is free only for the first two weeks of use. After this period, you have to buy the product, if you still want to use it.