How To Troubleshoot Wampserver

Those who downloded the Wampserver in order to use the PHP scripts, to create them better said, must see the file called: info.php. If you don’t see that page, then you have to address the forums that you can find on the same page from where you have downloaded the Wampserver program, if you have downloaded it from its own page. You can download the program from the as well and also there you will find some great information about how to design a Web page using this technology.

On the Wampserver forums the questions that a beginner might have are already answered to your luck. If you still have a question that is not asked on the forums, you better check again, because the question might be expressed in some other manner that you are trying to express it and who knows, probably that guy or girl who asked the question, received also an answer. The Home and Learn site cannot answer the questions regarding the Wampserver, a program that you must download in order to create PHP files, because this is not their software. They answer only to questions related to PHP and to their own courses, which by the way, are offered for free by this site.

You don’t have to register on the site. You can simply enter and be amazed because the information there is so detailed and every beginner will find a true advice in programming using this scripting language. After you have solved the problems that you may have with the Wampserver program, you can go back and keep on studying PHP. The troubleshooting part is in the first section of the courses that you can attend to online on this site. The real deal starts only with the second section, which we will mention in the future articles on this site and on other sites that are related to laptops and programming. I will mention them on Friday. Until then, stay tuned on this site and thanks for reading.