How To Register On Lumosity

How To Register On Lumosity

The Lumosity account can be activated for a period of free trial, when you are not supposed to pay for the service. After a while, the service will become paid and you can cancel it, if you want. For start, you have to provide an e-mail address, a username and a password, to be able to run the training sessions.

It takes you less than one minute to do this. You have to provide some information about yourself, to be included in a program that the researchers think it will be good for you. The best part is that you can try the program for free and you don’t have to download a thing to be able to use it. You can cancel the program later, when you will see that you don’t need more help, and your brain was improved the way you wanted it.

The training courses are practiced directly on the Lumosity site. You are not obliged to download any software, like you may see on another sites which have the same pupose like this one. The interface of the site and also of the games are easy to understand. In fact, even your children can join the community of brainists. You can use this site from any computer, just make sure you will be disconnected when you will leave the computer. If you have an iPhone or a BlackBerry, you can be happy, because there are training programs created as well for those who have smartphones.

Because the working days are longer and longer, you offer yourself a lower amount of time each day. This is not good, neither for your health, nor for your brain. Luckily, these exercises you meet here are easy and they can be performed in 10 minutes or 15. When you have less than 10 minutes, you can start one and go back to it to complete it, when you have more spare time.