How To Register On Amazon

Registering on Amazon is extremely easy. In fact, you don’t have to have an account, unless you want to download something from Amazon or if you want to buy or to sell something. Yes, it is also possible to sell things on Amazon, not only to buy from this site and from their sellers.

The first thing you need to provide is your e-mail address. I remember that I have signed in to Amazon 10 years ago or so, but the e-mail address was different. Anyway, probably if you use the same address, they can remember you. But I am not that convinced that they will keep you in their databases for such long time.

Today I have tried to see if my e-mail address is in their database and it was not. So, the first thing you need to provide them is your e-mail address. Then, indicate that you are a new customer. If you select that you are a returning customer, they will ask you to provide your e-mail address and then the password, so that you will be verified if you are indeed who you said you are. I am guessing that they verifiy the IP as well, although it is possible to access the account from other computer. What is certain is that they verify the country and you simply cannot buy a product when you are in Russia, for example, and five minutes after, you, the same person to access the same account and buy another product from America. It is impossible and something fishy is happening. Luckily, Amazon uses a secure server and they find extremely rapidly individuals that are trying to fool the system.

If you are a new customer, you will write the name, the e-mail address (once again), you will write a password, and then you will retype the password. Make sure that this is a long password, with characters of all kinds. Then, after you have selected the password and you have typed your name and e-mail address, you can enter a shipping address. You will be asked if you have the address that is connected to your credit or debit card. If the credit card is not the payment method that you will choose, this option is not that important. You can leave it unchecked. If you want to use another payment option, you have plenty of choices. Just enter the Amazon site and see the available methods.