How To Order From Amazon

How To Order From Amazon

I have discussed so much about products that you can find on Amazon, but I have never presented how you can actually buy things from Amazon. This article is created for the American users, but also for those who live in other countries and on other continents.

It is easy to buy things from Amazon and it is easy to place your first order. It is said that what you do for the first time may seem a little bit difficult, but this is easy when it comes to this site. if you don’t have an account, you can create one, while you place your first order. You will select a product, and then the system will ask you if you want to buy it or add it to your cart.

Obviously, you will add it to the cart and then you will be asked if you have an account or not. If you are a new customer, you will click on the New Customer link. If you are a returning customer, all you have to do is to write the password that you have. I said that we will deal only with new customers and I will write only about this thing. It is better to select more items in order to pay a single transport fee for all of them. Considering the weight of some products, other fees may apply. After you see how much will this cost you, you will place your order, by proceeding to checkout. This does not mean that you will pay the products. You know that when you are at the checkout, you can review them once again. The cashier may say that you don’t have enough money or that the bills are broken and so on. This happen in the physical world. If you are at the checkput on Amazon, you may return to the page before, if you want to select a different card, for example, or to pay using another payment method.

You can access the Shopping Cart at any time. I, for example, added products to my own shopping cart, although I did not have an account there. And guess what, when I entered the site from the same computer, I could see the products that I have chosen to buy in the nearest future. If some of the products that you will buy are gifts, you can check the Gift-Wrap mode, which will transform your present into a gift.