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How To Host A Plugin On WordPress

How To Host A Plugin On WordPress

You like to develop applications and plugins. Why not try to host the plugins you create on the WordPress platform? WordPress says that you should ask them to host your plugin and they will host it. There are some limitations though and the plugin must be a functional one to be hosted. Come on, if you don’t have programming knowledge, nor programming skills, you cannot host a plugin on WP. You can’t even develop it.

The regulations that every plugin developer must comply to are written on this site. There are some advantages when using WordPress for developers. You will know how many people downloaded your application or plugin, you will keep a track of how many people reviewed your application as having five stars, four stars and so on. You should let the users to comment upon your plugin, so that you will know what you can improve. Don’t be afraid to read also the negative comments, because in most of the cases, they are written by people who use plugins like your own and know what they are talking about. Of course, now we refer to people that are mentally healthy and which do not hate you, because if they do, they will review your plugins with one star only and they will say that the app is broken and crashes all the time.

You can send your application for approval on WordPress if you use a form for sending the plugin to WP. If you are not logged in as a member of the WordPress developers group, you will not be able to send the plugin for verification. I will provide you the link where you have to enter to read more information there and to get the actual link towards the application form.