How To Download Programs From CyberLink

How To Download Programs From CyberLink

Because these days I kept talking about the products coming from CyberLink and even my previous article was referring to InstantBurn 5, which is another product of CyberLink, I have decided to write a short guideline of how to download a product from the manufacturer’s site.

Before downloading any product from CyberLink’s page, you may have to turn off the firewall on your computer. This is not required all the time; this depends very much on your firewall, not only on the site’s settings. Some of the firewall programs that are now available on market usually block the downloads coming from sites from where you have never downloaded a program before. If you know that your firewall does not do that, you can leave it turn on. You will see if the firewall will cause you troubles immediately when you will start the download. If you see that it generates errors, you should disable it temporarily.

The anti-virus program must not be disabled, but you should know that some software programs of this kind will scan the program that the user is downloading, in order to see if the program is clean. This may lead to a longer time of the downloading process.

GoZilla! and NetZip are some of the programs which are not compatible with the CyberLink’s server and these can cause malfunctions when you will try to download a software from CyberLink.

The screen savers also can cause problems when the downloading process interferes with the starting of the screen saver. Usually, it does not take long to download a program, nor to install it, but if your screen saver is set to appear on one minute after you have not touched the keyboard or you have not used your mouse, this could happen. The fact that the screen saver could start while the product is downloading could lead to other problems. Make sure to disable to screen saver or set a longer period, needed by the screen saver to activate itself.

You can download any product, by clicking on the Download button which is found on the product’s page. Most of the products which can be downloaded from CyberLink benefits of a free trial. You can download the product and if you decide to buy it, you will receive a code, after the payment is done. You will get a serial or an unlock code, with which you will be able to use the product for good from then on. If you have any problems regarding the use of any program you download from CyberLink or if you have issues with the download itself, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s representatives.