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How To Develop A Plugin For WordPress

In order to develop an application for WordPress, you have to be a member of the developers which create plugins for WordPress. If you are not, you can register, by choosing a username and a password. The site that allows you to register fast on the WordPress site, the plugin developers community, is this one.

You have to choose even from the beginning if you agree to receive some messages from the WordPress platform, which are called announcements. Then, you have to provide a username, an e-mail, your Website (optional), location, occupation, interests, zip/postal code, the number of the WordPress sites you run (all of these are optional), if you use WP at work or if you make your living using WP. The last phrase says “I am a WordPress consultant” and you have to click that you are or you are not. If you are, it would be preferable if you would provide the name of the company where you work and provide consultance in terms of WordPress plugins.

Then, click the Register button and you are all set. Ready to develop for WordPress. But in order to develop some apps for Apple, you receive tools from this company. Is this the case of WordPress as well or not? You get access to a platform known as Subversion Repository, where you can store all the plugins created for WordPress. But you do not receive any help in terms of development tools. You must have your own tools when you create for WordPress. This is happening because unlike using the Apple’s IDE, here you do not have to pay for your membership. More information about how to send an application to approval on WordPress in the next article.

Until then, enter the application form, by clicking on the link I provided in the first paragraph and read the boxes for yourself. I suggest you to check the first box where you are asked if you want to receive messages or not, because everything that comes from this community is welcomed.