HomeGuard Pro 4.9.4 Review

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HomeGuard is a Windows based application that enables you to monitor the usage of computer and network for improved performance. It is a licensed product developed by Veridium Software whose trial version stays valid for 15 days. You can manage the browsing of all the computers connected to your network and enforce parental controls over your children’s systems. This software proves to be very helpful in blocking access to inappropriate content that is freely available on internet. Furthermore, you can make sure that your children do not spend their whole day in playing computer games or accessing useless applications.

System Monitoring:
HomeGuard Professional helps you keeping track of various activities. You can check the details of user logins including username, machine, active time, idle time, total time and performed actions. You can view the computer programs that were executed and websites that were visited since the installation of this software. The captured screenshots and key strokes are recorded as well to ensure the monitoring of actions. Chats with other users, Email history and network details can be viewed too. These features help you keeping an eye on the online activities of your family members or your office employees.

Monitoring Settings:
Through menu bar, settings can be accessed to modify its functionalities. Here you can choose mode of monitoring, save specific information and block inappropriate content. You can block particular users and can select settings for recording of programs, screenshots and keystrokes history. The use of internet can be restricted by filtering on the basis of website or keyword. In order to make sure that users cannot open harmful data on their PC, you can specify necessary blocking rules for files, printers, removable devices, time changes, monitoring time, users under monitoring, Email notifications and record cleaning.

Efficient Monitoring:
HomeGuard Professional is an efficient tool that lets you effectively monitor the system usage of different PCs. In professional environment, it can be implemented to make sure that office staff does not waste time on useless activities or chatting and can assist with a considerable improvement in their productivity and performance. It can record every required detail with precision and shows you the information in a well-categorized manner. It’s simple to use options and features can be used easily by both experienced users and new users who have never been in touch with this type of applications.

The software provides various benefits to its users. It can be easily installed and used with the help of function wizards. You can record and view the details of system and network usage from a remote location. It is a powerful tool and even if the users try to eliminate its monitoring functionality with the help of proxy servers, they will not get successful.

HomeGuard Professional is a useful application that every parent and office manager should try. This advanced tool helps network administrators in monitoring the use of internet and PC on connected systems. The collected information is stored in compressed form and is encrypted before transmitting over network.




System Monitoring - 9.3
Security - 9