How To Enter Windows System Without A Password

When a computer is used by more people that work in different work shifts, it is recommended that every user to have his or her own operating system features and why not, another operating system, if the user wants and if the computer is capable of this thing.

It is easy to set a password and also to remove it, if you press the Start, go to where your name is written and then click on the name. There you will find some administrative options, that only you can set for your account. For example, you want the computer to be available for use when you are on your lunch break. If yes, leave the options as they were, if not set a password. It is highly recommended to set a password on your computer, especially if the computer is used at work. It is good to set one on your home computer, to prevent the children of using it. They can use their toys or their laptops, which are designed for children.

When I entered eHow this evening I found out that there is also another way, in which you can disable the password, if you entered one, without using the Start options, as I presented them above.

You have to click on Start, because you have no other choice, but instead of getting to your name and your picture, you will go to the Search box, where you will write “netplwiz”. Like the author of the article on eHow said, I also say this: the name must be written without the quotes.

You will access your account settings and you will go to the option that says the users who enter that computer should use a password. Of course, among the users who actually use the computer, you will have the right of selecting only yourself, since you don’t have administrator rights on that computer. When you click on your picture, you will see that you use a password to enter Windows. If you want to disable it, click that the next users (you), will not be needing a password to enter the system and then click Ok. Everytime when you will select your image, the computer will load your settings, without asking for any password whatsoever. If you ask me, this is wrong, but it is up to you.