ZoneAlarm Free 2019 Review

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall provides a range of supported features such as ZoneAlarm firewall, services related to identity protection, control for applications, free 2 GB online backup and various browser security through spy website blocking, Website authentication and protection against Anti-phishing. Two way firewall proactively makes the user invisible against hackers. It detects and protects against any inbound/outbound attacks and disables any malicious programs instantly. Its Advanced Firewall feature spots any online suspicious behavior and stops attacks.

It enables protection against newly released advanced attacks and defeats them that other traditional firewalls easily misses, the silent attacks are prevented to gain access to system by Zero-hour Protection. Operating system is shielded using Application control and Early Boot Protection. Additional protection layer features ensures unsurpassed security. Secure firewall protection is deployed when additional wireless networks are detected by Automatic Wireless security. Real time updates for security is provided through DefenseNet™, quickly respond to threats and protects PC from any latest attacks.

ZoneAlarm Free 2019 was launched in February 2000 by Zone Labs and was later acquired by CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. It is a great Firewall and Anti-virus solution that decreases the exposure of your system to online threats by making its virtual ports invisible to unauthorized networks. It can efficiently detect attacks of intruders and can repel them subsequently. It is the free edition of this software that can’t be used for commercial purpose. It is compatible with many other firewalls and can work easily in their presence too.

The basic Firewall of ZoneAlarm Free is Two-way that keeps check on inbound and outbound connections created by different programs. It allows you to create online backup of your important files, with optional space of 5 GB, and restores them if they are deleted from your system. It applies multiple security layers to protect your personal information from being accessed by hackers. It possesses a very clean and interactive graphical user interface for allowing users to use all its options easily.

• Identity Protection.
• Wireless PC Protection.
• Online Backup.
• DefenseNet™ provides real-time security updates.
• Full Stealth Mode makes you invisible to hackers.
• Kill Controls instantly disable malicious programs.
• Threat Traffic is monitored and blocked, both inbound and outbound.

User Interface:
The home page of the software displays all the options that can be used. It shows the tab for Anti-virus and allows you to download it for increasing security. The status of firewall is displayed and you can check its details to see the number of invasions blocked and the applications that were controlled for securing internet connection. Its identity & data category can safeguard your identity and protect it with monitoring and alerts, and also lets you archive your data files to online storage after it is activated.

Other Options:
ZoneAlarm Free 2019 can be updated to its latest version in a short time. It can be used in Game mode to stop alerts from popping up by allowing or denying all alerts automatically. You can schedule all system wide tasks such as antivirus quick scan, antivirus full scan, antivirus update and product update to automate the processes. The preferences option lets you adjust lockdown software configuration by setting password. You can customize backup and restore security settings, start it with system startup and can enable proxy server.

System Requirements:
ZoneAlarm Free can execute on 32 bit and 64 bit systems having Microsoft Windows operating system. The compatible OS versions are XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can use 1 GHz or faster processor, 2 GB RAM and 100 MB of free hard disk space for the Firewall. Its anti-virus requires additional disk space. It also requires .NET framework. Anti-Keylogger can run with Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari browsers.

Hackers keep on finding new techniques for getting access to your personal information and intruding into your system. ZoneAlarm Free is a great software suite for stopping these actions and keeping your PC safe from online attacks. It is a free tool that takes efficient security measures and provides online storage space for creating backup of your data. It automatically takes action against attacks from networks and maintains reports about its working. You can check these reports any time.



  • 2-Way Firewall
  • Identity Theft Protection.
  • Anti-phishing
  • Ease of Use


  • None


Free Firewall Software - 9.7
Antivirus Software - 9