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Yandex Browser 2018 is a great addition in the world of web browsers. It is a useful solution for searching internet through secure yet easy interface. The product was originally launched by Yandex in 2012 and is still progressing under incremental development phase. It is a multilingual tool that is free to use and is available in ad-free form. The layout engine used behind this browser is Blink and it can support Android, Windows, OS X, iOS and Linux operating system on different types of devices. It has become the top choice of Russian internet users and is successfully gaining popularity in other countries as well.

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Yandex Browser is an effective browser that gives you a secure web experience in a compact interface. It can import settings from compatible web browsers and can synchronize your search results by letting you log in through your account. It lets you safely surf internet with the help of its advanced security tools which ensure that your PC remains safe from malware.