Xvirus Anti-Malware 2018 Review

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Xvirus Anti-Malware 2018 is an advanced utility that helps you enable real time protection on your PC. It is capable of finding and blocking those types of malware that cannot be detected by normal antivirus tools; this is the basic reason why it is used as a secondary protection tool. It is an effective application that can successfully repel attacks of malware and can find hidden threats by performing scan of system memory. It has a simple user interface which is quite easy to handle and its functions can be customized to simplify the processes. It is a Windows based application that can be used for free on computers.

Types of Scan:
Performing scan on system directories can detect files that are damaged due to malware attacks and can affect the performance of PC. Xvirus Anti-Malware offers different types of scans through which all infected files and hidden viruses can be easily found and properly dealt with. Quick Scan takes very short time and looks for issues only in system folders. Full Scan is for all files and folders present on hard disk and takes quite long time depending on the size of content. Custom Scan lets you manually choose the specific directories or files that you want to check for possible malware presence.

A dedicated section of History is maintained that contains results of scans carried out by users. It has sub-categories of Quarantine, Whitelist and Logs where you can find relevant entries. Quarantine tab contains the threats that were detected by software and are disabled. You can find file name, original location and current location too for dealing with issues later. Under Whitelist tab, you can find those applications that are declared free from malware and are safe to use. Logs section maintains record of performed activities. You can access detailed report by choosing entries and can delete a record when it is not needed.

Malware Protection:
Xvirus Anti-Malware is an efficient tool that can deal with various types of malware. Adware and bots are usually installed with certain free apps, whereas keyloggers are more dangerous as they transmit your information to hackers on the basis of pressed keys. Virus, Trojans and worms severely affect system and may cause it to crash. Spyware and ransomware are also used for tracking of your activities. It is a useful tool that can solve all such issues.

Xvirus Anti-Malware Features:
It is compatible with a large number of antivirus applications so that it easily can run as secondary tool. It is a reliable tool free from ads. It is quite lightweight that consumes limited amount of resources. Its functions are customizable and you can modify settings to specify its working method. It is a free tool available in 14 different languages.

Xvirus Anti-Malware is a smart application through which you can find malware in system that is difficult to detect. It analyzes the heuristics and behavior of installed programs and saved files to predict zero-day threats. Apart from real-time protection, it lets you run scans to find and resolve problems that can harm PC.

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