Wing FTP Server 6.0.2

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Wing FTP Server 6.0.2 News

Changes in Wing FTP Server :

  • Added a feature – Added video/audio player under web client, based on the built-in HTML5 player.
  • Improvement – Improved the web admin interface, now supports adaptive UI height.
  • Improvement – Edge browser can access the web client correctly.
  • Improvement – Changed the image viewer interface in web client, more concise.
  • Fixed a bug – The issue “Too many open files” when Windows Server has high traffic.
  • Fixed a bug – The SFTP downloaded file will be corrupted with WinSCP, it was introduced in v5.0.1, for Windows version.
  • Improvement – Improved the compatibility of the web client uploader, supports almost all browsers even no HTML5/Flash support.
  • Improvement – Improved the web client uploader, fixed no progress bar issue under Edge browser.
  • Improvement – Improved the web client interface for iPhone/Android.
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