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Windows Movie Maker 2018 is a video editing computer application. It was introduced in the year 2000 by Microsoft Corporation in order to facilitate the users who wish to convert their images, audios and video clips into complete movies. Different animations and visual effects can be applied on inserted media to give it a professional look. The software can be installed via Windows Essential software suite and is suitable for those videographers who are new in this field. Its latest edition is known as 2018 that was released in 2018. Though it will be discontinued in 2017; however another version is to be launched soon.

Video Making:
Windows Movie Maker has simplified the process of making videos. You can now add videos and photos that are already present in system memory, capture them directly via installed webcam, add music from PC or from online sources including Free Music Archive and Vimeo, record narration in your own voice with a mic, add sound files and can insert snapshots of system screen. It allows you to add title of movie in slides, insert captions for images and mention credits for directors, starring, location and soundtrack categories. You can add AutoMovie themes to make use of predefined video settings.

With the help of Animations section in Windows Movie Maker, you can apply animations and Transitions over images and video clips to give them the illusion of motion. When the movie proceeds from one image to the next, it seems like they are actually moving. You can set the duration for animations as per your choice. Either you need to choose particular images on which animation should be applied or else enable it for all. You can use Pan and Zoom tools to focus on selected parts of video screens. The available transitions include blur, crossfade, pixelate, flip and cinematic.

Visual Effects:
You can use a large variety of visual effects to ensure your created and edited movies or presentations are of high quality. You can easily use effects name Blur, Edge detection, Posterize, Threshold, Black & white, as well as Cyan and Sepia tones. Furthermore, the brightness of images can be adjusted in no time.

Project management:
Through Project tab in Windows Movie Maker, you can manage various aspects of movie project. You can emphasize on embedded narration, actual sound of video or inserted music to make any of these clearer for understanding. The aspect ratio can be chosen to manage the dimensions of movies according to targeted screen size.

Windows Movie Maker 2018 is a very useful tool. Due to this software, even beginners can create and edit movies. These movies can be created by combing images with sounds and music. Once the desired movie is completed, it can be shared on social networking sites or video sharing websites with its built-in options. The popular sites consist of OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. The simple graphical user interface and easily accessible options make this computer application a great choice for inexpert users.




VIDEO Tools Software - 9
Movie Maker Software - 9