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WebSite Auditor is a powerful suite that assists in determining the SEO statistics of a website. SEO is concerned with the optimization of content so that your website can be ranked high on search engines. It enables both professionals as well as beginners to generate detailed reports on the basis of website’s performance and take appropriate actions according to the available information. It points out possible issues with backend code and ensures that user experience is enhanced. It is a free tool developed for facilitating Windows OS users and can be easily installed on PCs through its setup file.

Site Structure:
In order to place your website on top of relevant search results, it is necessary to maintain a proper structure for your website. All webpages should be linked with other content and have addresses that are easier to find. WebSite Auditor helps you perform audit through which you can know about indexing issues, crawlability factor, error page redirection, encoding or technical factors, URL problems, links, images and On-Page SEO factors. All these characteristics determine the feasibility of user interaction with website. You can improve website integrity by resolving existing issues.

Content Analysis:
A single website is made up of multiple pages that are optimized on the basis of certain keywords. It lets you choose required webpages from the list of all indexed ones and analyze them to get information about keywords and potential competitors. Through this collected information, you can check presence of keywords in title, Meta description, Meta tags, body content, image description and markup. The technical factors including page availability, URL simplicity, link correctness, page speed and page usability also play a vital role in site ranking.

WebSite Auditor provides detailed reports through which you can make appropriate decisions. Site Audit Summary is the report that contains characteristics, warnings and issues in a brief way. Its detailed report can also be accessed for getting further information. Domain is the server address where your website is hosted. Its Strength depicts the reliability and shows information such as country, IP address, age, rank, social media popularity and traffic to website.

It is an efficient tool that comes packed in a user friendly interface. Its various features are suitable for experienced users who have in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. It is a free tool with which you can quickly resolve HTML code errors and improve SEO factors in your website to make it easily searchable for search engines. The technical audit of each site is performed in a separate project for enforcing advanced improvements. Whether you are using this tool on your personal website or a client’s site, the reports can be generated for working effectively.

WebSite Auditor is an SEO tool offered by Link Assistant Company. It deals with the methods applicable for bringing the sites to the top of search results performed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. SEO professionals have thorough knowledge of factors that should be considered, and this tool helps them in determining whether their techniques are beneficial or not.



  • Nice simple to use tool
  • There are lots of video and training to follow


  • Sometimes some parts of reports wont make sense
  • Newbies may have trouble implementing recommendations
  • Price


Content Analysis - 9.6
Site Structure - 9.4