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uTorrent software is known and liked by many users for its tiny but powerful nature. It is one of the commonly and widely used closed source BitTorrent client. It features interesting designs and completely developed to meet the needs of the technology age. Its initial set-up was a tiny version of program aimed at using less computer resources to offer magnificent functionality to users. From this development, an integrated system has slowly reinvented many features allowing users to quickly download high quality contents from various sources. Once you download uTorrent, you can use or provide torrents from many sources easily with this lightweight product.

Features of uTorrent
If you are looking for software with low CPU or memory usage, you should opt to download uTorrent. This software will take very few minutes, even seconds to download and install from where you have a completely new experience in using or providing torrents. The lightweight feature is a distinct feature that most software of the kind never presents or provides. With this, you will safely download many files and use the controlled features to make this software even better. Most versions are less or slightly above 1 MB, which offers you a great experience and comfortable reason to download your files conveniently.

Just from the first feature, lightweight, one can actually understand why downloading high-quality content with this software is easy and first. It is tiny, as you would describe it, but a giant’ when speed is considered. This software cleverly ensures that downloads are efficient with the increased transfer speed features. You can make sure downloads are even faster because you will not have to rely on any web browser to achieve this. In fact, this software stands out alone without being integrated with the web browsers or disrupted by them in any way.

The small size of this software is an advantage that makes users like and understands how to use it better. You only need to download uTorrent and within the first and second time you use it, you will be assured of an experience that you will like. It features simple but straightforward interface that enables users to get all they want just on one page. The system is creatively built with configurable bandwidth scheduler to avoid congestion while you download your favorite files. The customizable search bar enables you to have even better experience with the software.

Various versions of uTorrent offer satisfaction to many users because of the simplicity it has adopted in all the versions. Most of these versions are free and easy to set. You can even download uTorrent and use on an external hard drive because it is interestingly that convenient. Using it in your system though will be the best. Once you identify the best version for your needs, you only need to take minutes before you enjoy the experience of using this software. µTorrent is plug-n-play software that easily fits your techno needs. You can also access it from different devices and integrate it fairly to your understanding. With this simple-to-install feature, µTorrent will serve your downloading needs completely.

uTorrent is one of the best downloading programs out there. With this software, you can gain quick access to a vast range of quality content and the good thing is that there is no size or speed limitation. Depending on different factors most of the files can be downloaded easily and quickly. For a beginner, it won’t be easy to understand this program, as it has a confusing interface. Some say that there is a lack of tools, but there are not much features required for downloading. All the essential features are there for you to understand and implement for a smooth downloading experience. It’s a client of Bit Torrent, which gained considerable popularity a few years ago. This program allows you to schedule download, manage bandwidth, use protocol for correcting and detecting heavy traffic and make use of some other downloading options. Do look out for the forge versions that charge for subscription or the main software.

uTorrent Pro Features:
• No ads.
• Fast downloads with automatic bandwidth management.
• Automatic protection from viruses and malware
• Premium customer support
• Convert downloads to play on any device
• Stream torrents instantly

Let’s have a look the pros of uTorrent.
Easy to Install
Just download the software from an authorized webpage and install it. Due to its small size it won’t take much long. Don’t download uTorrent from any suspicious link, website or any other source. It might lead to complications.

Detailed Downloading
As you are going to use uTorrent for downloading purposes, the options available for downloading a file are just amazing. You enjoy a complete control over the files you want to download. It is easy to conserve bandwidth energy by setting a download limit. By subscribing to the RSS feeds, you can download content very easily from the feeds.

Quick Downloading
It is important to note here that your devices speed is not limited due to uTorrent. According to a test run it was observed that files being downloaded through uTorrent had an equal or fast downloading rate, if compared with any other application being downloaded (not through the uTorrent). It means that your device is not slowed down and the background features keep on working with the same speed.

Very Easy To Use
The user interface is totally customizable. You can keep it simple by opting for the basic controls or make use of advanced control buttons and informative tabs. Other tabs helps in accessing different resources at hand, web page, forums, FAQs and basic helps and managing speed, trackers, ratings, peers, info and files.

And now, let’s have a look at the cons of uTorrent.

Confusing Design
Inexperienced individuals will definitely find it difficult to operate uTorrent. They won’t know how to download and open files. The updated layout might help some users.

Irritating Ads
If you go for the free version, be ready to face the menace of unwanted ads. Some advertisements are really inappropriate.

There is an auto start option for this application, but it does not close automatically once the files are finished. Fresh users don’t know how to locate the reliable torrent sites.

The Conclusion
Through some knowledge and experience you can manage reliable and fast downloads through uTorrent. There are some interface flaws, but it is a totally unique program when it comes to file downloading.



  • Automatically download torrents from an RSS feed
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • easy to use


  • Includes advertisements
  • May try to install more software during setup
  • No built-in player


peer to peer software - 9.5
file sharing software - 9