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UltraEdit 25 is a much popular text editor that is being used by worldwide users since 1994. It is a commercial product that was targeted for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. Its developers are IDM Computer Solutions Inc. It is a helpful IDE in which you can edit codes for text and various programming and scripting languages without compatibility issues. It latest version for Windows 10, 25, is released in 2018 with many improvements.

If you are looking for a text editor that packs in a little extra, UltraEdit is the tool for you. UltraEdit supports 13 languages out of the box and is supported on Windows, Linux as well as macOS. UltraEdit easily opens very large files (up to 4 GB) that can choke other text editors. With multi-caret and multi-line editing, you can edit more than one line at once. Enable the document view to browse through your document. Use the powerful column mode to select data by column than by row. Manage complex and nested code structure by using the code folding feature. Edit XML files with features such as tree view, validation, and reformatting. For easier coding, UltraEdit has a smart templates feature that allows you to set up language-specific and insert them according to the source file you are editing. A built-in file compare feature allows you to see two files side by side and compare them for differences. With additional features such as file encryption and decryption, project management, bookmarking and automation via macros and scripts, this is the best text editor for programmers and web designers alike.

UltraEdit Features:
UltraEdit supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C, C++, Java VB, Perl and many other programming or scripting languages. You can edit text and HEX codes with its menu options. It lets you add and edit macros and scripts in your files. You can customize its configuration and settings for using it conveniently. It offers support for large files too and you can easily open those files that are not loaded properly with other editor tools. You can find and replace the files with other important ones.

The software has built-in spell checker to warn you of possible mistakes. It can open many files simultaneously and offers you multi-select and multi-caret editing features. The software supports various languages so you can edit any text belonging to supported languages. It can format your source code so you can understand better. It can also sort out your stored data and files and help you with project management. You can bookmark your important files for later accessing them easily.

• Automatic HTML detection, code folding, and indentation.
• XML and HTML open/close tag matching.
• Optional automatic HTML and XML tag completion.
• Base64 encoding and decoding (on selected text).
• Option to avoid converting tabs to spaces in strings/comments.
• CSS style builder.
• Special XML support.
• View active (HTML) file in default browser.
• View rendered HTML within UltraEdit.
• Full HTML5 support, including highlighting, tags, etc.
• HTML Tidy support (integrated) for validating and reformatting HTML.
• View/hide toolbars and/or status bar.
• Status bar displays number of bytes and lines selected.
• Select active file’s encoding and highlighting type in status bar.
• Completely configurable right-click context menu.
• Hex rule provides hexadecimal positions.
• Find/Replace hex bytes.
• Disk based text editing .
• Configurable tab options.
• Tab/word wrap options based on file type/extension.
• Insert/overstrike mode with caret and status bar indication.

You can open or create new projects and add files for coding. You can perform encryption or decryption of files. You can choose font style and size, load macros, perform formatting of text, insert characters or files, sort saved files, convert codes to other formats, use HEX functions and use different types of editing modes. You can choose the layout and theme of your software from different options. You can decide which color scheme will be more appropriate and how the menu bars should be displayed on the screen.

Support for HTML:
For HTML and XML specially, UltraEdit offers many options. The tags get closed automatically. By integrated CSE HTML validator, you can check HTML codes even when you are offline. There are separate toolbars from where you can select most used HTML tags. You are allowed to add other tags too in the toolbar that you want to use.

You have to purchase UltraEdit software before using it or download its free trial version for maximum duration of 30 days. For one year you can purchase the license at $79.95. If you wish to purchase other products by same developers, then they will offer discounts for you.

UltraEdit is a handy tool for editing your text, hex code and programming language codes easily. It offers a lot of options that you can find in its menus bars and perform any required operation on your source files. Though its interface looks a bit complex but you can customize it, therefore it is a very suitable tool for new as well as professional users.



  • Text Editing
  • Hex Editing
  • Fast, stable, easy to use
  • Programming and Web Development


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Text Editor Software - 9.9
programming Software - 9.5