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uc browser pc – Despite having a lot of competition, UC Browser still has a large number of users. The reasons for its popularity are its advanced features. The launch of this browser was made in August 2004 by UCWeb Developers and it has become more advanced with each passing year. Initially it was developed as a Mobile browser but later its Web browser was developed too for the users who wanted to utilize its features on their Personal Computers or other systems.

Supported Systems:
uc browser for pc is available for different versions of Windows OS, J2ME, iOS and Android Operating Systems. It is compatible with a wide range of smart phones but its most popular platform is Android. It is a small sized, fast working browser that has left behind many popular browsers. It has been downloaded most by Asian users.

uc browser for pc comes with a lot of distinguishing features for its users. Since the users prefer those software that look attractive to them, therefore the developers have enabled the facility of customizing the theme and colors of the Browser window. A long list of wallpaper images are also included that help the users set images of their own choice. There are two major styles of home page from which you can select anyone as your home page screen.

A new feature named Virtual Wi-Fi is added in the uc browser for pc through which you can turn on free Wi-Fi and can share it with other devices too by making the use of hotspot technology. Cloud sharing is also a very useful option that makes the loading process very much faster. For this purpose, the data to be loaded is shared among available servers to the nearest. The additional features of Cloud Storage, Cloud Sync, Cloud Download, Cloud Acceleration, Cloud Security and Open Cloud are highlights of its advancements.

There is an option named Night Mode present on the lower side of browser screen. It lets you customize the brightness settings for using under different conditions. The webpages can be muted and zoomed for getting a clearer view of the content. You can also manage the extensions and add-ons for the browsers. The URLs that you visit most can be bookmarked for easier access.

Other Features:
The browser lets you manage history of your search. The browser also includes a Download manager for the proper handling of download files. Data compression feature makes the searching faster and safer. Moreover you can choose search engines through which you are going to make searches on internet.

uc browser for pc is a great Web browser that you can use on many devices. You can synchronize the searches of all the devices via Cloud feature and can import or export bookmarks of mobile devices. A lot of developments have been made in the version for PC, though it is not too old. Due to regular updates, new features are added from time to time for beating other browsers in terms of performance, features and speed.



  • download manager
  • very easy to use


  • It doesn't support dynamic web content as well as Google Chrome


Browsers Software - 9.5
Internet browsing program - 9.5