TurboFTP 6.80 Build 1093

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TurboFTP 6.80 Build 1093
TurboFTP 6.80 Build 1093

TurboFTP is a handy tool that makes the process of transferring files much easier and faster for its users. It allows you to readily connect your PC to a port or server and upload or download files that may be of importance for you. Whether you need to share official documents with your colleagues at work or wish to exchange pictures and music with your friends, everything is now possible due to the outstanding features of this useful software. It transfers data at turbo speed by using multiple techniques and ensures that your shared data has reached the specified destination safely, away from the clutches of hackers.

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TurboFTP is an intuitive application for transfer of files by using FTP and SFTP protocols for secure data sharing. It can easily perform required operations even in the presence of Firewall and proxy servers. It is capable of transporting large files and folders between virtual host and local computer.