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Trojan Remover is an effective tool for providing high resistance against malware such as Trojan horse, virus, worms, adware, spyware and other harmful content. It helps you keep your PC clean from potentially unwanted programs by scanning thoroughly and detects even mild threats that cannot be detected easily. This powerful tool can be used in trial version for 30 days or you can purchase its Premium version for availing its amazing benefits. It can be installed very easily due to the installation wizard that guides you step by step during the whole installation process.

What is a Trojan Horse?
Trojan Horse is a type of malware that actually gets into your computer through an unsafe application and hides. When you try to run this application, the Trojan starts working. When its commands stat to run, an intruder can get access to the system and can easily extract any personal information that is useful for him. Usually it is hidden in the attachments of Emails sent by some unknown senders or in the files that are downloaded from unsafe websites. It does not propagate and stays only in that file in which it was present. Whereas Worm is also a malware, however, it spreads quickly and halts computer.

System Scan:
Trojan Remover performs fast yet effective scan of your system when you click the Scan button present on its Home page. The thorough scanning is performed on computer to look for malicious files through Integrity Checks, Rootkit Services, Registry Run Keys, Hidden Registry Entries, Active Setup DLLs, Drivers, HOSTS files, Heuristic Scans and many more. Once the scanning is done, it shows the Trojans or Worms that are found. It efficiently removes those issues and then asks for your permission to restart your computer so that the changes that are made can be applied and saved.

Other Features:
Since Trojan Remover is a very strong application that is designed mainly for detection of Trojan and Worms, it is usually preferred after common antivirus tools fail to find major issues. It can also detect and remove other types of malware such as adware, spyware, virus and many others. It is very useful software as it does not harm your system files and targets only the harmful content. After removal of malware from system files, it is capable of modifying those files in such a way that the working of your system does not get affected.

Trojan Remover is a very useful tool for fighting against malware especially Trojan virus and computer Worm. It is compatible with every version of Windows operating system and occupies very less memory space. It can perform scanning of system for accurately identifying issues with the system in a very short span of time. After that, it restarts your PC for deactivating all malware to stop them from causing any harm. It maintains detailed log files of all the Trojans found and the actions taken against them. Moreover, it has a simple user interface that is very easy to operate.



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  • FastScan for viruses, malware, adware, Trojans, and more


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Trojan Remover Software - 9
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