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TeamViewer 2018 is remote access software, which allows telecommunicating and handling light IT work. It consists of essential remote access features that allow you to, manipulate and contact any non-local computer easily. These features make this program and ideal choice for web conferencing and demos communication. It’s a powerful tool that, you will need to communicate with others and help them out easily.

TeamViewer Features:
• File transfer.
• Highest security standard.
• One solution for everything.
• No installation required.
• Works behind firewalls.
• Flexible use for a variety of applications.
• Remote administration of unattended servers.
• Remote support without installation.
• High performance with international router network.
• Remote presentation of products, solutions and services.

TeamViewer – An Excellent Remote Access Program
What are the TeamViewer pros?
1. The best thing about this software is that it is free. All you need to do is: download, install and use the software.

2. It supports different types of chat sessions like voice over IP, video and text. It also allows remote printing.

3. It also allows a flexible connection between different users, at the same time. Controls can be easily passed from one user to another. It’s a two-way link.

4. You can enjoy team connections. And maybe that is the reason that it is called TeamViewer. Multiple parties can participate at the same time. Great for all the managers, who need to address or inform their employees at the same time. There are different tabs through which, you can organize your team connections.

5. Another great feature is that, you can easy share files from one source to another. It makes it very easy to solve problems as; you might need help from different files. No need to download, install or email the files. Have the file ready at your hand and you can share it with other user in no time.

What are the TeamViewer cons?
1. It is to be understood that this program cannot be used for free for commercial reasons.

2. There is a special monitoring software installed within that can easily detect its commercial usage. Hence, it raises some questions about the confidentiality of your activities during its usage.

Final opinion
Without any doubt TeamViewer is certainly an excellent remote access software. The user interface is clean and easy to use for presentations, assistance and communication. It can be easily used on iOS, Android and Windows devices.



  • Remote printing is allowed
  • Can start and join meetings
  • Multi-level security.


  • Can not be used for free in commercial settings
  • Security features can be annoying.