SRWare Iron 70.0.3650.1

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SRWare Iron 70.0.3650.1

SRWare Iron is said to be the browser for future due to its attractive interface, security measures and advanced features. It is a free product whose source code can also be downloaded through internet. It was launched in 2008 but was made open source in the mid of 2015. It is developed using the Chromium open source product that is also the basis for Google Chrome browser, but it is considered to be a safer browser than Chrome because it does not send unnecessary reports and suggestions to big internet groups.

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SRWare Iron is an alternative browser that provides users a fast internet experience with remarkable security and privacy. The Chrome users can easily get used to it because it is not too different but provides you with additional functionalities. It maximizes your privacy by keeping the information secure from the publishers and thus lets you browse internet without getting worried.