Sandboxie 5.24.0

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Sandboxie 5.24.0

Sandboxie creates a virtual environment where you can run different applications. It helps you keep your operating system and data safe from unwanted changes that may be caused by running of untested or risky applications. It is very much useful in terms of secure internet browsing, viewing Emails and testing of apps. It is an efficient security software that is available in languages of English, Arabic, German, French, Dutch and many more. It was released in 2004 and its recent update is launched in 2017.

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This unique application comes from the product of Microsoft Windows. It helps to get rid of applications on your OS. The programs contained in a sandbox are being operated by itself. A sandbox is able to perform this operation through data, software and the background OS. The Sandboxie application will not allow other programs not to alter permanently the general system. The sandbox will not also allow dangerous software to operate in it. This implies that the OS will not be affected in any way through the operation of the application. With the help of the software, the system will be total seperated from the application in operation. The general security of the system will be improved and the application can as well be used for testing puposes. The software has a straightford and easy mode of installation. Both 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Windows are compatible with the operation of the program.