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RoboForm is a secure password management application for saving all your passwords and auto filling forms while browsing internet. It was developed by Siber Systems to help users save lot of precious time. All the passwords and other information are saved with the help of a master password and you can’t access them without entering the correct master password. The software is compatible with multiple operating systems and you can use it on PC as well as on your mobile phone.

Losing and forgetting usernames as well as passwords has been such a hassle. With different websites and applications we open everyday, it is not impossible to forget all these. The free version of RoboForm is developed to aid us related to this service. This software is designed to remember and store usernames and passwords upon entering them once in your database, like having a personal password manager on your fingertips. With its AES 256-bit encryption, it will store for you the password and username of websites and even applications. It grants you the ability to access your account with just one click. User safety is also their concern thus it authorizes you to whom you want to share your login information with. Even switching devices is not a problem because it allows you to import information from one device to another thus making it quicker and hassle free. The premium version of RoboForm gives you that extra feature of allowing you to save it on your cloud backup.

Installation Process:
Upon running the setup file you will be asked to choose the language of installer. In the setup window accept the End User license agreement for further proceeding, choose browsers in which you want to use it and choose whether you want it to fill and save forms in Windows applications. Also choose the location of installation and select PC users who can avail its benefits. Then the software will be installed after closing running browser tabs.

You can choose if you want to keep the software to desktop only or sync it with online account. The Master password must be set to secure all stored passwords and data. It will display the strength level of password to help you increase its safety.

Password Generator Tool:
RoboForm Password Generator creates new safe passwords for you that are made up of a great combination and are very difficult to be cracked. You can choose the length of password, include hexadecimal characters, add capital letters and can limit the numbers that should be used in your password. Once the passwords have been created, you can copy them, save them or drag them to use anywhere.

RoboForm Editor:
The editor has multiple categories for performing dedicated tasks. It lets you create new logins for websites by entering username and password. Bookmarks section holds all the details of the bookmarks that are used by the selected browsers. Application category enables you to create and save passwords for offline applications. You can create new identity by entering your name and country. You can easily save contacts from your mobiles with all the necessary details. You can save Safenotes and documents too.

Search Tool:
RoboForm search tool lets you find any files or words in your system memory. You can enter the search term and then choose the category for which you want to perform the search. It can match the results for words, phrases, case, filenames and content. The types of files that can be searched are: passcards/bookmarks, identities and safenotes. It shows the results after doing a detailed search so you can find the content that you need.

RoboForm is a complete software suite that consists of a password generator, editor and search box. It efficiently saves all your passwords and data files and saves them from being accessed by irrelevant users. It is compatible with various famous browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera on Windows, Mac and Android OS. It is a paid application worth $19.95 but you can use its trial version for free up to the duration of 30 days.



  • AutoSave passwords in browser.
  • AutoFill passwords to login form.
  • Click Login button for you.
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords.


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AutoSave passwords in browser. - 9.9
Backup and Restore - 9.6