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RemoveIT Pro is an efficient security application through which virus, adware, spyware, worms and Trojans can be located and removed. It is a free tool by InCode Solutions that runs on-demand scans to find malware hidden in files. It can remove various types of malware that are not detected by other anti-malware applications. It ensures that the data stored on hard disk stays secure and away from the reach of hackers. Moreover, it also improves system performance by removing harmful content.

Quick Scan:
RemoveIT Pro lets you run quick scans to find and remove virus and worms from the system. The software asks to close all open browsers and active applications in order to ensure high performance and avoid data loss. It checks major areas of system files where malware can be injected and shows brief scan report after the process is completed. You can abort the process at any time without any action. It is usually preferred as a secondary security application due to the unavailability of real-time protection.

Post-Scan Actions:
The software enables you to take appropriate actions to deal with the files having malware. Either you can add them to Quarantine, fix the problem or remove them from system memory. It can clean those files that are already damaged by malware and clears harmful content without affecting useful data. You can report log of scan results to assist developers in improving the software quality.

Task Manager:
RemoveIT Pro offers a Task Manager that shows all currently running applications. This function provides detailed insight of all active processes or applications and lets you take suitable actions. You can refresh the list to check applications that had started after the list was opened. Moreover, End Task button closes any running task while Back button takes you to the main screen. You can also delete a process from hard disk permanently.

Startup Files:
The software displays a list of active programs that start as soon as system is turned on. Loading of extra programs decreases the speed of computer. Therefore you can disable any applications that are not much important. This will lead to a considerable enhancement in system performance and will ensure that all your other important tasks are performed without any delay.

RemoveIT Pro Features:
It is an effective solution that works at fast speed. Moreover, the speed of system is not lowered due to low RAM and CPU consumption. Its simple user interface makes it the recommended choice of beginners. There are no complex options or settings to choose from. It updates virus database regularly to detect latest types of infections. Users can also help in expanding the database by reporting any errors found.

RemoveIT Pro is an antivirus which is compatible with a large number of similar products. It searches the malware in the files stored in system memory and removes it in no time. It detects those dangerous files that cannot be detected by other programs through a quick scan. However, the detected files can be fixed only with the licensed version.



  • quick scans
  • Speedy installer and classical GUI
  • Malware scanner


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Antivirus Software - 9.4
Anti-malware Software - 9