Rainmeter 4.1.0 Build 2989

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Rainmeter 4.1.0 Build 2989
Rainmeter 4.1.0 Build 2989

Rainmeter is a desktop application that helps you monitor computer performance. It is a utility that utilizes free space of desktop to display important information. It is a Windows based utility that is compatible with all editions including and after XP version. It is a customizable tool with an intuitive user interface. It is suitable for both professional as well as beginner users as it does not contain any complex functions. You can download it for free to improvise your desktop.

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Rainmeter is a free tool that allows you to view a wide range of system information on your desktop screen. It has a unique interface that is quite easy to manage. It is an artistic piece of application that enhances your desktop capabilities. It is available only for Windows PCs on free GPL license.