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QuickTime Player is a free source of entertainment for Windows and Mac users. You can enjoy the latest and hot picks of songs, movies and shows. It is an amazing multimedia platform that runs the videos without any disturbance. Its advanced video technology provides you with a great video experience.

QuickTime is the application developed by Apple Inc. and is targeted mainly for Mac OS. It is also available for Windows Operating System with version Vista or above. It is a multimedia framework that lets you access and run a wide list of music, songs, apps, movies, internet videos, HD movie trailers, personal media clips and TV shows. It is a blessing for those who do not own an Apple device but are willing to access iTunes for a lot of interesting content. It is a complete package of entertainment.

Downloading and Installation:
QuickTime software is available as a free product for the users. Download its free setup file and then run the software for installing it. In the installation Wizard choose the language of the tool and then accept the License Agreement terms. After that choose the setup type, from the options of Typical and Custom, that matches with your requirements. Mark the check boxes related to the Installation of desktop shortcuts and also choose whether you want the software to be updated automatically.

The videos from iTunes are displayed in the high definition quality. The live streaming of feeds and running a video by entering a URL is possible. The speed and performance of the software is good. If you want to increase its functionalities then you can give a try to the available 11 plug-ins.

You can listen to the latest songs through QuickTime. The music and songs are divided into four categories: Free Singles of the week, albums mastered for iTunes, featured pre-orders and new artists. These categories make the searching process easier.

The sub categories for Apps option are top free apps, Apple apps, Editor’s choice and game collections. Here you can find the latest, exciting and trending apps that you can enjoy in your leisure time. It is a great source of entertainment that does not let you get bored when you have nothing interesting to do.

Movies can be searched through the categories of Theatrical Trailers, Independent New releases, pre order movies and top movies. They direct you to the iTunes site where you can find all types of movies from older to newer ones. You can enjoy the movies at high quality and can watch the trailers of those movies that are to be released yet.

TV Shows:
It is a great software for those who are addicted to TV shows and do not miss even a single episode. With QuickTime it is possible for them to watch all the new shows, episodes that they have missed and to enjoy many shows that they have not seen yet. With the categories of Top TV episodes, Free TV episodes, Shows just added and Networks & Studios, they can run a lot of shows.



  • easy to use
  • H.264 codecs


  • Main download includes iTunes


media player application - 9
high-quality playback - 9