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PuTTY is an open source client that provides users a platform through which they can transfer data in a secure manner. For this purpose, it uses the file transfer protocols of Rlogin, SCP, Telnet, SSH and SFTP which encrypt the data in order to keep it safe from access of unauthorized users. The software falls into the categories of serial console, terminal emulator and file transfer application. It was developed by Simon Tatham in 1998 and is improved by the efforts of multiple other developers. Though new users may find it complex, but it contains all features that an advanced tool must have.

Once the software is installed on your PC, you must configure PuTTY for network establishment. You can specify session details so it can maintain session for every user. You can define connection type, host name, log file name and its destination. SSH packet logging can be omitted for securing the information. Terminal Settings help you choose various Terminal Emulator options as well as line discipline options. Under Keyboard settings you can specify function for keypad and enable extra features for its keys. You can also choose options that can maintain terminal bell and advanced terminal features.

The application window is customizable and it lets you modify appearance, behavior and color scheme. You can choose required options that can control character set translation and copy or paste functions. Under Connection section you can choose Internet protocol version and packet transfer details. It allows you to enter data that should be verified when performing file transfer. Proxy usage can be controlled and Telnet or Rlogin connections can be made too. You can control SSH settings and can enter Serial Line details if Serial connection is to be used.

PuTTY software ensures that the data being transferred is sent without interruption and does not get into the hands of hackers. Therefore it uses different cryptography ciphers such as DES, 3DES, Arcfour and Public-key authentication method to ensure its integrity. The software can be felt difficult to use due to its Command Line Interface. New users prefer Graphical UI, however professional user are more comfortable with CLI as it allows them to manipulate advanced functionalities. With the help of right commands, data can be delivered efficiently to desired destinations.

Key Generator:
PuTTY makes use of Keys to ensure that the data transfer is occurring among verified systems. Through Key Generator, you can either create public and private key pairs or import existing private key files from external sources. You can choose the parameters for keys that need to be generated and can save them on your PC.

PuTTY is a free Windows OS application which is being commonly used for sharing data via secure network protocols. It is a highly efficient tool that lets you fully customize its working by choosing many suitable options. The software can be installed for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of operating system and you can consult its Help section to get complete understanding of the advanced features.



  • Telnet client
  • SSH client
  • Rlogin client
  • Xterm


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Network Tools - 9.7
Telnet/SSH Clients - 9