ProgDVB 7.25.7

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ProgDVB 7.25.7
ProgDVB 7.25.7

ProgDVB is a completely free software that was launched 4 years ago in February 2014 for public users. It displays the live broadcast of radio stations and TV channels from many countries of the world. This is extremely useful for those who need to view and listen to the broadcast on their computers or mobile phones. The channels are shown to users in the legal manner and no anti-piracy rules are broken by using this tool. It has a user friendly interface and the options can be selected by using shortcut keys on keyboard.

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ProgDVB is a great choice for those people who do not have access to Radio or Televisions but want to watch and listen to different channels and stations. It catches live streaming of these channels via satellite and then shows it on the attached devices in good quality of voice and graphics. It is better to have a good internet connection and the memory of your system should not be filled up too much, in order to have good results. It is a recommended choice for watching NEWS, TV shows and movies.