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Polarity 9.3.6 Build 472 news

Polarity v.9.3.0 (12/9/17)
Fixed up some minor bugs and faster tab system

Polarity v.9.2.9 (10/7/17)
Updated UAs

Polarity v.9.2.8 (9/16/17)
Fixed bug where opening control center crashed the browser, fixed Document Explorer Crash

Polarity v.9.2.7 (9/2/17)
Minor bug fixes

Polarity v.9.2.6 (8/26/17)
Browser optimizations, updated autocomplete menu in Trident tabs and UI, added Baidu search suggestions as an option for omnibar

Polarity v.9.2.5 (8/19/17)
Some more bug ixes, fixed bug where disabling autohide omnibar would not unhide hidden omnibars across browser tabs

Polarity v.9.2.4 (8/12/17)
Some fixes to the browser in regards to updating, refactored code for efficiency and lighter file size

Polarity v.9.2.3 (8/5/17)
Fixed mobile mode with weblight infinitely looping, added Data Saver option in Performance in Settings.

Polarity v.9.2.2 (7/30/17)
Minor bug fixes

Polarity v.9.2.1 (7/22/17)
Fixed many breaking changes from last update, bookmarks structure and load fixed for bar and menu, importing bookmarks from Chrome will retain folder structure, fixed bug in importing all open tabs, fixed crash when deleting bookmark within nested folder, fixed issue when deleting bookmarks from bookmarks bar
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