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Peazip is an interactive tool for performing compression and decompression of files and folders in a simple way. Its developer, Giorgio Tani, had released its first version in 2006 and its latest version has been released in 2018 with an attractive layout and more options. Unlike many other similar tools, it has a user friendly interface that lets you access every drive of your system from within the software window and archive any folder with a single click. It is an open source freeware for PCs.

Installation Procedure:
Run its setup file after downloading for free. In the Setup Wizard you must accept the license agreement terms and read important information about the software before continuing installation process. Then perform its installation in standard or custom mode or enable or disable system integration. Set the file associations by choosing read and write supported types from the available options and then click the install button after choosing the desired settings. Your software will be installed in a few minutes.

Peazip saves your system memory space by compressing and reducing the files without affecting their content. It is capable of compressing and extracting your files to formats of 7Z, BZip2, GZip, self-extracting 7Z, ZIP, ACE, ISO and many more. It manages the archives in an efficient way. It also performs file management and lets you search and access your required files easily. It keeps your files and data protected by using encryption, two factor authentication, secure deletion and password management.

The Peazip window holds the history of archived folders for helping users with navigation. It lets you split your files into multiple fragments. The compressed files created by this software are stored in PEA format by default. It also lets you open many other third party tools within its window. It has a graphical interface with the facility to use drag and drop option. It integrates easily with system context menu and contains various options that can be used by new users too.

With its menu bar you can add folders and files to archive layout, convert files into many other formats, protect files with the help of passwords, extract compressed files or folders to any particular location and test and preview the files and info. It also lets you create, update or extract archives, perform web search, sort files, select files based on their attributes, visit archiving and extraction layouts for browser, use Dock feature, perform password management, schedule tasks and check saved scripts, layouts and schedules.

Peazip is available in more than 30 different languages. Its size is only 6.4 MB. Its 5.9 version provides support for Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux operating systems. For Windows operating system, you must use 2000, XP, 7, 8 or 10 versions only.

Peazip is user friendly software for compressing or extracting heavy files. It lets you reduce the sizes of files to share them easily with your friends via Email or other file sharing methods. It offers various features and is compatible with a wide range of file formats.



  • Full support (read and write)
  • Read only (browse, extract, test):
  • Repair


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Archivers Software - 9
System Tools Software - 9