Changes in PCDJ DEX :

  • Removed skin action “cue_pfl_mix”; removed controller script action “setCuePflMix”;
  • EQ ranges adjusted for better tweaking: -36..+6dB for low/mid and -36..+9dB for high, gain -12..+12dB;
  • Microphone EQs -36..+12dB for low/mid/high, gain -18..+18dB;
  • Removed smaller resolutions video recording options – only HD/full-HD available
  • Fixed Finder/Explorer (inside the Browser section) to show folders/files sorted alphabetically; hide system/hidden
  • folders/files/volumes/disks; hard/soft symbolic links (aka Symlinks) work OK;
  • Fixed crash when loading tracks with very low sample rate (22kHz or lower)
  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements
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