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The performance of computer is directly related to CPU, due to which it is necessary that processor usage is managed properly. PCBoost is a solution by PGWare LLC that makes it easier to keep an eye on resource consumption. It provides reports and graphical representation on the basis of predefined settings, thus users can easily understand usage patterns. Moreover, they can release occupied resources from unnecessary apps and allocate them to essential programs. It helps them increase the speed of their PC and complete tasks sooner than ever before. It is a licensed tool available for Windows OS users.

Usage Statistics:
PCBoost is a recommended method of getting real time data of processor usage. These statistics are present in graphical form. Historical data is also available through which the condition of CPU and installed applications can be determined. It displays total processor usage and available capacity in terms of percentage. The priority can be set as high, normal or low on the basis of importance of each task and the urgency required for completing it. The software statistics window also shows the total time for which PC has been active in the current session.

Dashboard is the major feature of the software which is available on home screen. It shows performance of system on the middle of screen, while different tasks can be accessed via menu bar on the left side. The pie graph shows both used CPU percentage as well as available space. This information is also available in text form for accuracy purpose. It shows the apps that are currently accelerated, i.e. higher portion of processor was assigned to them. You can get information about installed version and can update it to latest version.

PCBoost comes equipped with a well-explained help section. Here you can read the method of using the application and its different features. It helps you avail maximum advantages by utilizing all functions. Although it is very detailed and contains answers to almost all questions, but if you are still stuck then you can contact technical support team for assistance. You can send your queries to the team and they will efficiently answer all your questions.

It is a useful tool that helps you increase speed of computer when performing high resource consuming tasks such as playing video games and watching movies. It frees CPU from background apps and allocates it to foreground apps for improved performance. If your system has multi-core processor then it will balance the usage by running the latest opened app on lesser used core. It helps you avoid wastage of hardware resources and consumes them equally for better results. You can adjust its settings for desired performance and perform different tasks to determine efficiency of system.

PCBoost is a safe tool that is recommended to use when you intend to run heavy applications on your PC. It optimizes processor usage and assigns resources to active programs for enhancing their performance. It also helps in avoiding any lagging. It is a user friendly tool that automatically performs all required operations.



  • Easy To use
  • Optimizes games and applications


Tweakers Software - 9
PC Booster Software - 9