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Pale Moon 28.2.0
Pale Moon 28.2.0

Pale Moon 2018 is a free web browser created by a Dutch developer by the name of M.C. Straver. The software is of similar design, based on the current browser, Foxfire. Although based on Mozilla products, stands alone in its own right. The program is available for Windows, Android and Linux. Not working off a pattern, creates Pale Moon features according to public demand.

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Pale Moon is compatible with several plugins and extensions of Firefox and has several exclusive extensions of its own, for example, Adblock Latitude. A perk for current Firefox users is that all bookmarks, settings and extensions are imported upon installation of the program. Cooperation with allows for the start page to be personalized and users are able to create their own themes. The default search engine is not Google or Yahoo, but rather DuckDuckGo and geolocation functions are not left to Google either, instead utilizing IP-API. The program is updated regularly and supports CSS3 and HTML5.