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mIRC is one of the most popular IRC or Internet Relay Chat Client that lets you chat with your friends across multiple chat engines. It was developed in 1995 to provide support for Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a social platform that creates a virtual connection through which you can get connected and send messages to your friends living at the other ends of the world. Not only it is low resource consuming software, but it can also be used in portable mode via removable devices.

Installation Process:
First of all you need to agree to the license agreement and privacy policy. Choose install location, choose type of install and also the required components. You can read the description about each component to understand their working. Select additional tasks about shortcut icons, updates and backup. If you want to review any settings then go back to previous window otherwise click Install button to continue with the process. The installation process will be finished soon and then you can exit the Setup Wizard window.

User Interface:
When you run mIRC software for the first time it will ask you about registration. If you have purchased the license then enter the details of registration, else if you are using evaluation copy then you can continue with the trial version. With its menus and options you can open new status window for each chat, connect to chat engines by simply entering your real name, nickname and email ID, add chats to favorites for easy access and can use various tools for channels, scripts, chats, file logs, address book and online timer.

The interface of mIRC is customizable and you can choose any color scheme and appearance for your text. The DCC Send option lets you share files with your friends with a single click. You can minimize file size and can choose packet size for easy file sharing. The options can be adjusted for the categories of connection, IRC, sounds, mouse, DCC, display and miscellaneous. You can manage received files, log files, notify list and URL list and can choose the style of tiles to read content conveniently.

mIRC includes a large number of scripting languages that help you customize the behavior, interface, working and commands of the software. It consists of a built-in server through which you can share files with your online friends by making use of DCC protocol. It consists of a useful toolbar, switch bar and menu bar with helpful tool tips. You can access multiple chat engines by opening each chat in a separate window. It is a safe method of communication which is also being used by military forces in the US.

Some additional features
• Customizable appearance
• Lots of Add-ons
• Wide range of options
• Best for Windows IRC client, with a great simplicity to chat IRC networks. (Internet Relay Chat).

mIRC software can run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions. All you need for its proper execution is the presence of a reliable internet connection and completely installed Winsock. The evaluation version of the software can be used for the duration of 30 days. For getting registered, you can purchase its license for $20 USD.




IRC Clients Software - 9.7
Chat Software - 9