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Share from the cloud:
Make sure everyone has the latest version by sharing your workbooks in the cloud with OneDrive or SharePoint, so others can view, edit, and collaborate.
Collaborate in real time:
Once you’ve saved your spreadsheet to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint you and your team can work together in real-time with Excel Online.

Functions of Microsoft Excel 2018

Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet program that enables user to compute data with incredible ease. It is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Excel is compatible with other applications in the Suite. For instance, a user can import Excel data into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Microsoft Corporation distributes the program on Windows and Macint...[Read More]

Microsoft Excel 2018 Review

Microsoft Excel 2018 is the software offered by Microsoft Corporation and enables you to easily manage spreadsheet files. You can use its Free online version via internet or download the paid version for using advanced features offline. These spreadsheets can be related to business data analysis, stock reports, calendars, products invento...[Read More]

Why Microsoft Excel 2010 is great

Every day we witness new products on the market. Updates and upgrades have also become popular due to advanced technology. Microsoft has been working hard to improve the value and quality of their products. This has led to the introduction of Microsoft Excel 2010. MS Excel 2010 is pretty much the same as the older versions only that it in...[Read More]

Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel 2018? Today, we can use computers to manage large amounts of data. They are designed to help us transform various types of data into usable information. Some degree of processing or calculation is normally required for this to happen. One of the premier programs that is used for this purpose is microsoft excel. You...[Read More]